•      Rock Candy on Strings

It is a rock candy crystal that is formed around a cotton yarn.

  • Rock Candy on Wooden Sticks

In this type; rock candy crystals are formed around wooden sticks. In comparison with plastic sticks; wooden sticks are completely hygienic (three times boiled) and they are not carcinogenic.

  • Rock Candy as loose crystals

Rock candy crystals which are broken due to brittleness during packaging are named loose crystals and is very convenient for dissolving in tea (hot drinks). The advantage of using this type is that it does not need to break and it’s ready for consumption and economically very affordable.

  • Mixed Rock Candy

Rock candy fragments which are formed on the floor and walls of the cauldrons are mixed rock candy. High concentration of syrup on the cauldron’s floor forms flat rock candy which due to its irregular shape; it’s usually sold as bulk.

  • Rock Candy Curtain

Rock candies which are formed on the top of syrup in cauldrons are rock candy curtains and in terms of quality it’s not different from the stick and string forms. This type of rock candy is crispy and thin.


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